When a Hollywood couple split, the biggest headache is for the Hollywood PR companies who have them as clients. So flackmeister Lewis Kay, who oversees BNC’s entertainment department, should be having a migraine right this minute now that Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have uncoupled. Because the firm of Bragman Nyman and Cafferelli represents both of them. The iconic comedic pair were not just together for five years, but Kay has long represented Jimmy, and Amy Zvi has long flacked for Sarah. The natural thing to happen is for at least one of the celebs to change PR reps. (Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise did that, so too Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, and a long list of others.) But Kay has worked through this kind of pain before. His department continues to rep both Rebecca Romjin and John Stamos after their uncoupling, and now it’s a menage a trois since BNC is also flacking Romjin’s new husband Jerry O’Connell. So let’s see if BNC can retain both Kimmel and Silverman as clients. Kay also reps Arrested Development‘s Will Arnett and Baby Mama‘s Amy Poehler. Luckily for BNC, not only is that couple staying together but she’s pregnant. So the next time a Hollywood flack lies to you, and he will, remember he’s living in a world of hurt, too.