What hath Nielsen Business Media wrought? I’m told that laid off today are Julie Wood, managing editor/international; Karl Gibson, longtime editorial business analyst; Cristy Lytal, editor in special issues (hired in March);  Alex Woodson, editorial staffer in New York; Brooks Boliek, who staffed the Washington bureau which now is evidently shuttered. Other names may be in the offing. “They’re no longer just trimming fat but bone and gristle,” one insider relayed to me. “Everyone’s got the ax poised over their head waiting to see who it falls on next. It’s difficult to imagine a more deflating work environment.” UPDATE: I’m also hearing that THR advertising account exec Evan Atkinson is laid off. Meanwhile, Victoria Gold, who was just promoted to THR‘s director of sales for film, is telling people she’s leaving soon. So the sales department will soon go from 18 to 4.

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