Here’s a transcript made by of Jay Leno posing as TCA reporter “Ala Kimmel” and pretending to grill Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff, the co-chairmen of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, about his exit from The Tonight Show. As I previously posted, this was Jay’s idea…

JAY LENO: When is Leno’s last show?
MARC GRABOFF: Well, I figure we’ll get right to that. OK. Jay’s last show will be May 29, 2009. That’s a Friday. And Conan’s first show as host of The Tonight Show will be on June 1, 2009 – the next Monday night.
LENO: Will Leno be paid for the rest of the year?
GRABOFF: Yeah, sure. Sure.
LENO: Now, Brett Favre retired and then wanted to come back, and the Packers said no. What do you make of that?
BEN SILVERMAN: Well, everyone’s entitled to change their mind, but I would imagine that puts management in an impossible situation.
LENO: Let me ask you something. Do you think what Jimmy Kimmel did – the four-time Emmy-nominated Jimmy Kimmel – do you think it was kind of cheesy coming in disguise and harassing you reporters?
SILVERMAN: You know, I can’t imagine anyone stooping to that level.
LENO: I know Leno got a nomination for his website Garage, but none for The Tonight Show. Do you think people like him better as a mechanic than a talk show host?
GRABOFF: He’s equally skilled at both.
LENO: Is it true that you offered Leno a fifth hour on the TODAY show?
GRABOFF: That’s a great idea actually.
SILVERMAN: Would that work?
LENO: No, it’s a crappy idea. [beat] I know you brought back Knight Rider. Any chance Manimal will be coming back?
SILVERMAN: We’re negotiating for Air Wolf and Manimal‘s original creator will not share the rights with us.
LENO: Alright. Thank you.

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