EXCLUSIVE: The Screen Actors Guild is furious over Variety‘s erroneous report tonight that the guild “may agree to the majors’ request to send out their final offer to the 120,000 guild members at the end of July.” I’m told by one insider, “It’s bullshit, especially the headline.” That started out “SAG to send offer to members” until it was changed after complaints to the equally misleading “SAG may send offer to it’s members”. Said another source, “Absolutely not true at this time. Irresponsible reporting.” The article also makes false assertions that SAG has stalled the negotiations — ridiculous since it’s now the AMPTP’s turn to respond to SAG’s counter-offer. This is yet another example of the trade writer Dave McNary making up a story about the guild negotiations that has no basis in reality, just like he did repeatedly during the WGA strike. And his inaccuracies are always aimed at stirring the pot in favor of the Big Media moguls, and against the guild leaders who fight for better contract terms. Really, when is this nonsense going to stop? As I’ve noted over and over, Variety writes what the moguls tell it because it’s so dependent on them for advertising. It’s like a parasite clinging to its host – and just as disgusting.

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