Gee, could the Big Media cartel’s negotiating group be more unpleasant about this meeting? I said this during the writers strike and it bears repeating: Just keep talking. Just keep haggling. Don’t stop talking:

July 15, 2008: Statement by the AMPTP… “SAG’s negotiators have requested a sidebar meeting with AMPTP involving a small group of people from each side. Out of respect for the SAG membership, the AMPTP has agreed to the meeting but has made it clear that the meeting will be solely for the purpose of listening to whatever SAG has to say.  It is important to note that SAG has declined to specify the purpose of the meeting, and that AMPTP continues to call on SAG’s Hollywood leaders to accept AMPTP’s final offer. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 1PM at the AMPTP’s headquarters.

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