The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual “Leadership” issue features Ron Meyer tomorrow — and the usual sycophantic gushing about his 13 years as prez/COO of Universal Studios all the while equating the release of Bruce Almighty with curing cancer. Geez, I always thought the 63-year-old former marine was one of those rare moguls who didn’t need his ego fed like the rest of the Big Media weenies. But how pathetic to see that he, too, succumbed to such a nauseating suck-up. I hear Meyer initially turned down the issue only to reconsider when he was told THR would work its way down the list of other moguls with a still healthy advertising budget. Meanwhile, I’m told Meyer’s issue sold more ads than past honorees like Rupert Murdoch, Bob Iger and Jerry Bruckheimer. Shame on Meyer for subjecting all his friends (and enemies) to be held up for ransom by THR‘s rapacious ad salesmen. If only all the studio bosses stopped congratulating each other long enough to personally step in and solve the AMPTP-SAG stalemate and put this town back to work. In my estimation, Ron just lost his street cred. I hope he enjoys the tiara and sash and the traditional stroll through The Grill clutching a bouquet of long-stemmed roses.