Online ticket-sellers like Fandango.com and MovieTickets.com are only now catching their breath after the recent Dark Knight frenzy. Fandango’s previous records for daily, hourly and weekend ticket sales were “beaten to a pulp” as fans scooped up advance tickets at a breakneck pace, said the service which claims to have sold 13% of the film’s projected domestic weekend box office. MovieTickets.com said it sold more than 1 million tickets from Thursday to Sunday as The Dark Knight broke its daily and weekend ticket sales records as well. The new Batman movie was selling as fast as 15 tickets per second on Fandango.com during extended periods on Friday, and an even faster 20 tickets per second during peak periods tha sme day. As an indicator of the rise of online ticketing, Fandango sold more tickets during The Dark Knight’s opening two days than it did for all films in the first 12 months of the company’s history. But here’s the really interesting stat: in a Fandango.com poll over the weekend, 64% of Dark Knight moviegoers said they plan to see the movie again, and 62% said Heath Ledger’s performance is the factor that makes them want to see it a 2nd time.