I was just given this to post in connection with the Screen Actors Guild’s upcoming September 18th election. This is the “MembershipFirst” slate opposing the already announced “United For Strength” slate, and it looks now as if both sides are ready for a campaign battle since they differ on many issues:

July 25th, 2008 — We are pleased to announce that MembershipFirst, a group of proud and galvanized professional actors, dedicated to ensuring that the Screen Actors Guild remain the strongest and most respected talent union in the world, has submitted its list of 33 potential candidates for the 2008 Hollywood Division of the Screen Actors Guild National Board Election. Some of MembershipFirst goals for the coming year are to; unite all actors under the Screen Actors Guild banner, protect actors wages and working conditions in all areas, fight for residuals in all media platforms, protect the right of every dues paying member to vote on SAG issues and to secure complete jurisdiction in new media. Putting the concerns of Screen Actor Guilds members first has been and will always be priority one for MembershipFirst. There are and will be many challenges facing the Guild and these determined actors, who are prepared to volunteer hundreds of hours of board service, are ready, able and more than willing to serve.

The potential MembershipFirst SAG National Board candidates are: Scott Bakula, Joe Bologna (incumbent), Clancy Brown, Keith Carradine, Joely Fisher, Lainie Kazan (incumbent), William Russ (incumbent), Alan Ruck, Charles Shaughnessy, and JoBeth Williams (incumbent).

Joe d’Angerio (incumbent), Jane Austin (incumbent), Jeff Austin (incumbent), Renee Aubrey (incumbent), Steve Barr (incumbent), Michael Bell (incumbent), Warren Berlinger (incumbent), Eugene Boggs (incumbent), Tom Bower, Anthony Desantis (incumbent), Ron Harper (incumbent), David Jolliffe (incumbent), Russell McConnell (incumbent), Peggy Miley (incumbent), Paul Napier (incumbent), Peter Van Norden, France Nuyen (incumbent), F.J. O’Neil (incumbent), Vic Polizos, Yale Summers (incumbent), Charles Malik Whitfield, Christopher R. Wielh, and Scott Wilson (incumbent).

Current MembershipFirst sitting members of the SAG National Board of the Hollywood Division are: 1st Vice President Kent McCord, Angel Tompkins, Bonnie Bartlett, Justine Bateman, Joanna Cassidy, Seymour Cassel, George Coe, Anne DeSalvo, Frances Fisher, Leigh French, Elliott Gould, Valerie Harper, Sumi Haru, Robert Hays, Anne-Marie Johnson, Diane Ladd, Piper Laurie, William Mapother, Esai Morales, Barbara Niven, Harrison Page, Susan Savage, Nancy Sinatra, Renee Taylor, Angela Watson, and Jenny Worman.

Our official board slate will be announced after the Guild’s verification process has concluded on August 5th, 2008.