That’s a big star-in-the-making for William Morris to lose to Endeavor, especially after Ellen Page’s Oscar nomination for Juno, since WMA decided at a retreat a few years ago to focus on building the careers of talent because it was too tough to take stars from other agencies. So here’s the backstory I’m hearing: Hollywood is whispering that Kelly Bush, Ellen’s publicist turned manager of the last few months, moved her. So now a half-dozen talent agencies around town are whining why they didn’t get a meeting. Because there were no meetings. I hear Bush tried hard to keep Page at William Morris, where the publicist also has several clients including Josh Brolin. But this was Ellen’s decision. “She just never made a connection even though Morris has represented her since Hard Candy at Sundance.” But Ellen felt an instant connection with Endeavor’s Patrick Whitesell. “Very much so. It was just organic and not premeditated. She didn’t take meetings around town.”