It’s almost a daily occurrence that my favorite old coot Sumner Redstone makes yet another of his “huh?” statements further confusing Viacom’s successorship, or insisting on living forever, or juicing the competition between underlings, or humiliating his daughter. Today, CNBC airs an interview with Sumner in which the Viacom chairman said flatly that Shari Redstone was no longer the company’s heir apparent and that she would leave the board as part of an agreement he had reached to buy out her shares of Viacom and CBS. Immediately, Shari’s rep denied what her Dad said.  Seriously, why does anything that comes out of Sumner’s mouth count as news anymore? It’s now gotten to the point where the situation is way past sad and probably closer to pathetic. I’m reminded of an anecdote someone told me about a past-his-prime Hollywood CEO whose board kept letting him pretend he was integrally involved in company business. So at a meeting with important clients, the oldster suddenly interrupted and everyone in the conference room fell quiet to listen to him speak. And what was his sole contribution to the discussion? “I think I’ll have the fish tonight at Hillcrest.”