According to Media By Numbers, IMAX showings of the Warner Bros mega-blockbuster also set a record with $640K for the midnight previews. This figure is included in the studio’s overall 12:01AM screenings number of $18.4 million. Director Chris Nolan shot six major action sequences, including the opening six minutes and Joker’s first appearance in the film, with IMAX cameras. This marks the first time ever that a major feature film has been even partially shot using IMAX cameras, deemed a revolutionary integration of the two film formats. The IMAX Experience will appear in IMAX DMR (letterbox), while scenes shot with IMAX cameras on 15/70mm film will expand vertically to fill the entire IMAX screen, which can be up to eight stories tall. This is such a big deal to IMAX that the company’s chief Richard Gelfond went on CNBC financial TV this morning to preen.

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