MONDAY AM: Bigger… Bigger… BIGGEST! The Dark Knight‘s weekend tally was more than first thought — a record-setting $158.3M, according to Warner Bros. That comfortably beats Spider-Man 3‘s $151.1M for best-ever 3-day non-holiday weekend. The latest Batman installment’s Sunday take of $43M was down only -8% compared to Saturday’s and set the best-ever Sunday total for its 9th record. Its 10th record will beat the all-time first week tally.

SUNDAY 8PM UPDATE: I’ve just been told by unofficial sources that Warner Bros’ The Dark Knight is playing to packed Sunday performances for over $40M and maybe as high as $43M. That would mean a 9th record since Spider-Man 3‘s Sunday take in 2007 was a best ever $39.9M. It’s also now abundantly clear that the Warner Bros caped crusader will crush the old 3-day weekend non-holiday record set by Spidey 3 last year. So rival studios were wrong to question whether Warner Bros’ Sunday numbers were too aggressive! Also, Dark Knight should break its 9th record by beating the all-time weekly tally. Meanwhile, in its first six days, DK will have grossed more than the entire run of Batman Begins.

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