(Regular DHD readers know I don’t do geek. But frequent LA Weekly film reviewer and comic book expert Luke Y Thompson does. He spends all year waiting for Comic-Con and this time he’s covering it for me. Here’s his latest report.)

Fans of French horror director Alexandre Aja will be happy to know that his latest, MIRRORS, continues his trademark look — that dirty-gory vibe that suggests infected wounds and dirty buildings. Introducing some clips at a Comic-Con breakfast, he showed us the intro, in which a panicked man tries to find his way out of an empty subway station, only to be stalked by mysterious forces that reveal themselves in the form of an evil reflection of him in a mirror. When the reflection takes a piece of glass and draws it across its own throat, a geyser of blood and gore gushes from the real-world man’s neck.

We don’t want to spoil Amy Smart’s bathtub scene too much, except to say that it is quite literally, as the promotional T-shirts say, “jaw-dropping.” Think of Heath Ledger’s scarred Joker mouth, and imagine it taken to extremes. “Ihdon’t know how the MPAA let us get away with it!” He exclaimed. “I was ready to fight… Maybe they were high that day.” He thinks the key is that the MPAA has more of a problem with humans hurting each other than mirror ghosts doing the same thing.

Kiefer Sutherland stars as an alcoholic night watchmen who guards an abandoned department store that’s full of haunted mirrors, natch. Sutherland was drawn to the script based on the fact that, he says, “If you took all the horrific elements out of the script, it still plays as a strong family drama.” He says his words to Aja were: “I believe that I can make people care about this guy. You have to make me believe you can scare the shit out of people.” Aja affirmed that he could.

Asked what he thinks the next big trend in horror will be, Aja responded that he hopes it won’t be a return to the ironic teen slashers of the ’90s. Rather, he’s hoping for 3-D gore. His next film? PIRANHA 3-D.