Oops. The AMPTP should have first checked with its bosses in Big Media before making that threat to SAG leadership to lower the employer offer on the table because of the dire outlook in this “deteriorating economy” for Hollywood movies and television. As it happened a lot of the infotainment CEOs were out of town at the annual Allen & Co. media conference. And they were making statements that were a lot more optimistic than the ones coming out of AMPTP headquarters. It’s yet another case of the moguls talking out of both sides of their mouth — by claiming strong results to Wall Street and pleading poverty to Hollywood guilds. (Remember, this telling YouTube video “The Voices Of Uncertainty” put together by WGA members that featured the Big Media CEOs boasting about the behemoth bucks their companies are making off the Internet?) Here’s how the moguls answered questions at Camp Allen about their companies and the economic downturn:

— NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker: “I think we’ll hold up pretty well.” (AP)

— News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch: “So far, entertainment and media is doing just fine.” (Bloomberg TV)

— Sony Corp. Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer: “Our entertainment business is in good shape.” (Bloomberg TV)

— Time Warner ex-chairman Richard Parsons, responding to a question on his outlook for the media industry: “I’m much more bullish.”

I’m sure there are many more quotes…