Tomorrow at the Beverly Hills Hotel will be the revamped Madison + Vine conference on how entertainment will continue to be funded, marketed, distributed and consumed in a digital world. (Geez there’s another one of these every other week. Does anyone ever actually learn anything new at them?) Among those speaking tomorrow at the Ad Age/William Morris Agency event are Google CEO Eric Schmidt. NBC U co-chairman Ben Silverman. MJE CEO Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Take Two Interactive chairman Strauss Zelnick. producer Darren Star, director Barry Sonnenfeld, NASCAR CEO Brian France. MySpace COO Amit Kapur, Coke global brand marketing’s Marc Mathieu and T-Mobile director of media marketing’s Brett Dennis. Panels include:

SPORTS: As Leagues Become Media Companies, What Does It Mean For Athletes, Networks and Brands? … TELEVISION: TV On The Fritz: Eroding Ratings, Sky-High Pilots vs. Year-Round Promotion And Development. … KEYNOTE: High Noon For Hollywood: What Does Google Mean For Tinseltown? … VIDEO GAMES: A Guitar Hero Will Rise: How And What Can You Market To Casual And Fervent Gamers. … MUSIC: Are We Being 99 Cented to Death? The Arbitrary Price Of Content.