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July 2008 Archive

Matt Loeb Named New IATSE President

UPDATE: The IATSE General Executive Board this afternoon unanimously named Matthew Loeb to be president after today’s retirement of Tom Short. (See my previous, TOLDJA! Tom Short Retires From IATSE.) According to the IATSE announcement, Loeb said, “I enter into the position of International President with the deepest sense of obligation to the members, who number better than 111,000, and their families. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tom Short who made desperately… Read

Wkd Prediction: 'Mummy 3' $50M (And Watch NBC-Uni Beijing Olympics Synergy)

For crissakes! Like TV viewers haven’t been bombarded enough with NBC promos about the August 8th start of the Beijing Summer Olympics, now moviegoers to sister company Universal’s product will be equally assailed. I’m told that the choice of setting The Mummy 3: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor in China was made to include Jet Li and unlock a new chapter in the location and culture of mummies without regard to the Olympics. But the decision to move the release to this weekend… Read

LAPD Skips Today's Confab On Paparazzi: Chief Blames Britney, Paris And Lindsay

UPDATE: News reports say today’s 10 AM Los Angeles City Hall meeting about proposed new restrictions on paparazzi included reps from West Hollywood, Malibu, the Screen Actors Guild, and LA County Sheriff Lee Baca. But no members of the LAPD were present at the hearing.  That’s because Chief William Bratton has consistently opposed new legislation that would further restrict and penalize overly aggressive photographers. He called today’s confab a “total waste of time”… Read

TOLDJA! Tom Short Retires From IATSE

UPDATE: Matt Loeb Elected New IATSE President As I first reported on Tuesday (see my previous, Is IATSE Prez Tom Short Stepping Down?), the four-term union president has announced his retirement. Short stated: “IATSE has been such an important part of my life. As hard as it is for me to believe that this time has come, I am now prepared to move on. I am not leaving for political reasons or for health reasons, but rather because I have learned that life is short and there… Read

Greenlight For DreamWorks-Reliance Deal

I’m told that the DreamWorks financing deal with India’s media and entertainment conglomerate Reliance ADA — for at least $500 million — is almost completed and will be announced in the next week to 10 days. The Reliance people were in Los Angeles last week meeting with DreamWorks. I hear they also met with Jeffrey Katzenberg (whose public company DreamWorks Animation has an “out” clause from its Paramount distribution deal after 10 films…). However, David Geffen… Read

New Line Panting For 'Austin Powers 4'

UPDATED: I’m told that Mike Myers has started writing Austin Powers 4 which will be an homage to his late father. “It’s very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life,” an insider tells me. As Myers has previously said, this fourth installment of the super spy spoof movie series will focus on Austin’s arch-villain Dr. Evil, who was based on Blofeld of the Bond films. But what hasn’t been known is that the AP4 plot is really about Dr. Evil and his… Read

Ron Meyer's Queen-For-A-Day Moment…

The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual “Leadership” issue features Ron Meyer tomorrow — and the usual sycophantic gushing about his 13 years as prez/COO of Universal Studios all the while equating the release of Bruce Almighty with curing cancer. Geez, I always thought the 63-year-old former marine was one of those rare moguls who didn’t need his ego fed like the rest of the Big Media weenies. But how pathetic to see that he, too, succumbed to such a nauseating suck-up. I… Read

Is IATSE Prez Tom Short Stepping Down?

EXCLUSIVE: I’m hearing that longtime IATSE president Tom Short may be leaving his position with an announcement coming as soon as this week. The union won’t confirm or deny, but below-the-liners are telling me they got word from their Union BAs starting last Friday that this was happening. Short is right now in San Diego at the Midsummer General Executive Board meeting which began yesterday and continues through Friday. In an unusual move, he began preliminary talks with… Read

CAA Finally Gets Rid Of Partner Rick Nicita

After years of complaining about partner Rick Nicita, CAA’s original Young Turks have pushed him out of the agency and foisted him onto Morgan Creek where he’ll be co-chairman and chief operating officer. It must have been a desperate situation for the 63-year-old Nicita who, after years of rumors that he’s on the outs, is now willing to work for James Robinson, one of the worst bosses in Hollywood and one of the biggest assholes in the movie biz. (Kudos to LA Times… Read

007 DUET: Alicia Keys & Jack White (Of The White Stripes) Record Theme Song

Their first choice was Amy Winehouse. But she was too busy doing drugs. Instead, the theme song for the latest James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace will be the first duet in 007 history of 22 films. Sony/MGM announced today that artists Jack White  of  the  rock band The White Stripes, and Alicia Keys, have recorded “Another Way To Die”, the movie’s theme song which was written and produced by White (who is also featured  as  the  drummer on this track). The soundtrack  to… Read