I would like to formally welcome every other now blogging or about-to-blog Hollywood print journalist to the already crowded online neighborhood. It’s a big tent, with room for all. But the aahs or angst that all these blogs are causing the Hollywood community is palpable, believe me. (Mine included.) For example, United Artists this week found a cushy home in Peter Bart’s new blog to combat the bad buzz by spinning what a genius movie Valkyrie supposedly is. (Why does his content remind me of Larry King’s random thoughts in USA Today years ago: “I like Tom Terrific…. I like toast.”) Down on his luck Bob Shaye has repeatedly vented in Patrick Goldstein’s Los Angeles Times column and now will have an additional venue in which to boast about his under-appreciated genius. (“From the first, they were all against me … Ahh, but the strawberries, that’s where I had them…”) All while my sources give me chapter and verse about the very un-genius behavior of the mental and physical midgets who run the Biz. So I had a thought: what is the going rate for a Hollywood industry blog mention — good or bad — these days? I’m not talking about something so crass as cash. Because this Industry has other currencies, too. I can’t wait to watch who’ll do what to whom and why to get them in or out.