Variety finally got around to bare-bone reporting today my detailed scoop from June 5th and 6th about Bob Shaye’s and Michael Lynne’s new company, its first-look deal with Warner Bros and the hiring of Mark Kaufman. Trade rehashed 12-day-old news.

And… Variety did a 180-degree reversal from Friday to Monday to reflect my more accurate info that Sony had lied to the WGA writers about working for the IATSE toon Sit Down, Shut Up! At first, on Friday, the trade accepted Sony’s spin that the scribes knew all along it was an IATSE show. But then the story was rewritten for Monday’s edition to say: “Now, it appears likely that some execs may have given assurances to scribes without fully understanding they couldn’t deliver. After weeks of promising that a WGA deal was in the works, the execs finally broke the news to scribes that it wasn’t happening.”

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