EXCLUSIVE: Gina Hoffman, who worked for Simon Halls for the past decade, will be joining the Talent Department of BWR. She brings with her from PMK/HBH: Zac Efron, Clifton Collins Jr, Milo Venitmiligia, Cobie Smulders, Geri Halliwell, Stana Katic, Alex Frost, Brenden Fehr and Nathan Phillips. But the High School Musical star Efron is the big news here since all the celebrity-obsessed media is hungry for every detail about his life and loves. Hoffman starts tomorrow. “She wanted to come to a company and spread her wings more. There’s more potential growth for her here,” said a BWR insider. This is another skirmish in what’s becoming a PR personnel war between InterPublic (PMK/HBH) and Ogilvy (BWR). See my previous, Shift In Big Personal PR Comedy Rivalry? Later, Simon Halls emailed me the following statement, “There is no skirmish between us and BWR. In fact, Nanci Ryder is one of my closest friends and was my mentor, having given me my first pr job in the late 80’s. I’m delighted for Gina Hoffman that she found a great opportunity over there. She was here for 10 years and it was time for her to take on new challenges.”