I’m told this is the last day of employment for as many as 550 laid-off New Line employees. But Toby Emmerich has been driving around in a shiny new car and parking in the 116 North Robertson lot since June 10th. Like the jackass couldn’t have waited until July to show it off to the world.

UPDATE: One of Toby’s pals whom I normally respect is all in a lather and just emailed me this explanation: “The guy had a lease on a Mercedes that just ended.  He just leased a less expensive Lexus hybrid. He’s had the same exact parking place for 8 years, and he expressly declined to take Bob Shaye’s better space. What’s he flaunting? What has he done to deserve your implication that he’s gleefully driving over the graves of ex-New Line employees in his new red Ferrari? You think New Line’s absorption into Warner Bros is what he wanted?”

Where do I begin? Like a Lexus hybrid isn’t a pricey car. And what an immense sacrifice for Toby to decline Shaye’s parking space. For crissakes, Emmerich is as responsible as Shaye and Lynne for the debacle that New Line became. And worst of all, Toby is now funneling projects back to Bob and Michael. I still maintain that Emmerich should have been shown the exit door, not the car door.