Here’s the SAG response to the AMPTP diss today.

“The Screen Actors Guild negotiating committee, representing all Screen Actors Guild members across the United States,  is working hard to secure a fair deal for actors. We continue to believe that it is possible to complete negotiations and secure a fair deal before the expiration of the current agreement.

“SAG’s negotiating committee has made significant moves in the AMPTP’s direction on a number of proposals.  The limited progress the AMPTP referred to in its recent statement is largely because management has not made an equally dedicated effort to achieving progress.  Negotiations are about give and take and thus far it has primarily been SAG’s negotiating committee “giving.”

“Nevertheless, Screen Actors Guild is dedicated to the process and is committed to continuing the hard work it has already given the effort to negotiate a contract that best serves the interests of actors given the rapidly evolving entertainment media industry. Despite management’s recent release to the press, the committee is motivated to finding a path to agreement. To do otherwise would do a great disservice to the 127,000 members of Screen Actors Guild whose livelihoods are dependent upon the achievements made in this contract. Management’s time would be better spent by committing to real progress and substantive negotiation of our various proposals.

“It is well known and understood by SAG members that a consistent employer tactic in negotiation is to distract from core issues and attempt to sow dissension. This tactic will not work.

“The Screen Actors Guild national negotiating committee, comprised of representatives from the Hollywood Division, the New York Division and the Regional Branch Division is united in its unanimous commitment to successfully concluding these negotiations.  We hope we can count on an equal effort from management.”