News reports say Barack Obama raised nearly $5 million at yesterday’s celebrity- and mogul-packed fundraiser at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The asking price for a ticket to the gala’s general reception for Obama’s campaign was $2,300. Tickets to the VIP dinner were $28,500 for the Democratic National Committee. The Center for Responsive Politics, analyzing fundraising data released May 21, said Obama had collected more than $4 million from the movie, TV and music businesses. (Clinton raised $3.4 million from showbiz, and McCain collected $636,000.) So far, for the 2008 election cycle, the entertainment industry has donated a total $22.4 million with 76% going to Democrats. But that only ranks 10th among biggest sector donors to the Democrats. In turn, Obama can hardly be called the “Hollywood candidate” since only one showbiz company appears among the biggest donors on his money web charted by the Center For Responsive Politics. Which one? Surprisingly, National Amusements Inc, which is privately held by Sumner Redstone (80%) and his daughter Shari Redstone (20%). A Viacom insider explains: “They (CFRP) roll up everyone who donates from CBS or Viacom under National Amusements because it is the controlling shareholder. It’s a very imprecise survey.” Redstone himself gave to Hillary Clinton and Rudy Guiliani — not to Obama (yet). Here’s the graphic: