EXCLUSIVE: Entertainment uber-lawyer Skip Brittenham is negotiating a first-look producing deal with Warner Brothers for axed New Line founders Bob Shaye’s and Michael Lynne’s new production company. I’m told they’re only going to get the “ex-studio president’s special — like Mark Platt and Casey Silver”. Updating my report yesterday, I can confirm that Mark Kaufman is on board and will be based in New York. And right now both Shaye and Lynne are in town interviewing candidates to be based in Los Angeles. Also, Toby Emmerich has agreed to find some New Line projects that Bob and Michael could be attached to. But at the same time Toby is trying to distance himself from his former bosses. Oy.

Right now, the new company has no name. How about “Old Line”?

Bob Shaye & Michael Lynne Set Shingle)