I’m told that senior execs in Sony’s marketing / advertising / distribution departments will be rewarded with bigger titles in coming days. It’ll involve “a lot of promotions”. I can confirm, however, that one exec who’s not being upped (but is not being shown the door, either) is Josh Goldstine, the prez of creative advertising who reports directly to Sony Pictures Entertainment vice-chairman Jeff Blake. Goldstine has been at Sony since the Peter Guber era when, according to buzz I’d heard, he was hired in the marketing department fresh out of Harvard in the early 1990s because his father was Sid Ganis’ shrink. But Goldstine became infamous in 2001 when Columbia suspended him and an underling after it was revealed they had created a fictitious film critic to lavish praise on several of the studio’s films. He oversaw some huge campaigns like Spider-Man 1,2,3. He’s now on Hancock. But he wanted a title bump.