This is why the entertainment biz is so deliciously cruel. One year, you’re the heir apparent. A few years later, you’re the has-been. So it is with HBO’s Colin Callender. I’ve been reporting here that the next shoe to drop as the pay channel starts to clean house should be the overrated legend-in-his-own-mind who recently rejected an offer from Walden Media to develop a new production slate and team. And every day there’s a rumbling that Callender is looking at this job or that one. Now what’s happened to him is worse than when he was stripped of HBO Films. I’m told that, even though Callender’s contract isn’t up for a few more years, HBO brass Richard Plepler and Mike Lombardo had a so-called “strategy meeting” with Colin where he was told, “If you want to be here… be here. If you want to go… go.. But you don’t need to be snooping around surreptitiously for another job. If you find a better thing somewhere else, talk to us about it like a grownup.” Maybe more people would be sympathetic to Callender’s plight if only he hadn’t been such an arrogant prick prone to hissy fits all those years. Anyway, I love that this is Hollywood’s latest version of “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…”