City News Service is reporting that an attorney for convicted Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano filed papers today asking for a new trial because of alleged acts of juror misconduct. A jury last month found Pellicano guilty of 76 of 77 federal charges, including racketeering, identity theft, computer fraud and nine counts of wiretapping. He defended himself at trial. But his long-time attorney Steven Gruel claimed in court papers that the foreperson failed to tell the court that she heard Assistant U.S. Atty Daniel Saunders tell Chad Hummel, an attorney for ex-LAPD Sgt. Mark Arneson, that the prosecution would seek perjury charges against the ex-cop. When U.S. District Judge Dale Fischer later asked the panelists if they had heard Saunders’ comments, only one juror — not the forewoman — raised her hand, Gruel’s court papers state. After the 10-week trial ended, the forewoman e-mailed other jurors, ordering them not to speak with an investigator working for Pellicano, Gruel alleges. The attorney also alleged that four jurors deliberated in private when other members of the panel were not around. And the husband of one juror allegedly told her information he learned about the trial from Allison Hope Weiner’s blog on the Huffington Post. Gruel told CNS the allegations are quite serious because “the jury is supposed to make its decision in a vacuum.” Pellicano is set to stand trial with noted entertainment attorney Terry Christensen on July 15th in the case of the alleged wiretapping of the ex-wife of Kirk Kerkorian.