On June 13, 2008, the Screen Actors Guild National TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee, representing all three divisions of the Guild’s membership, unanimously adopted the following statement:
We are united and committed to working together in achieving the best possible contract for the benefit of all actors.  We pledge to stand together, united, not allowing ourselves to be distracted from our crucial and singular mission by anyone. No matter what the distraction or from where it may come, this committee will continue to stand firm to achieve the best contract possible.  We are standing up for you and ask you to stand strong with us.
The Committee has unanimously committed to these priorities in bargaining: 

— Significant increases in middle class actor compensation (including background and stunt performers)

— Significant increases in Pension and Health contributions

— Increase in DVD residuals

— Protections from product integration abuses

— Preservation of the force majeure protections

New Media: 

— Consent for clips

— Jurisdiction over all new media productions

— Residuals for all original made for new media productions