A major player in the Reality TV business, ICM agent Steve Wohl, has left that tenpercentery to head up the Reality TV division at Paradigm bringing with him America’s Next Top Model Ken Mok and other clients. paradigm.JPGWohl decided to jump after he went from head of ICM’s Reality TV department, to co-head with Greg Lipstone, and then to working for Lipstone, because of personnel moves made by prez Chris Silbermann. Lipstone recently got another ICM promotion — to sole head of the newly named International Television and Media division.

I already reported that, back in March, Lori Sale exited ICM’s head of global branded entertainment to head up that new division at Paradigm. Since then, 5 junior agents in her ICM department have moved to Paradigm: Randy Smith, Kathlene Trihn, Sam Olsteen, Sean Barth and Jessica Love. But ICM retained the department’s senior agents.

Then there’s Jenny Fritz, the ICM motion picture lit agent who went to Paradigm a few months ago.

Paradigm’s most recent ICM hire is more fall-out from last year’s ICM-Ed Limato battle when the tenpercentery dumped all over several Limato loyalists. So fired ICM talent agent and one-time Limato assistant, Jim Osborne, went to Paradigm. Now Osborne just hired a young guy that ICM axed because he, too, was a Limato accolyte: Matt Eskander, who’ll be a covering agent in the Paradigm talent department. Eskander spent several years as an agent under Limato’s and Osborne’s tutelage at ICM. He comes to Paradigm from Industry Entertainment where he worked as a manager for the past year.

Since I’m on the subject of ICM, I reported some weeks ago that clients of former ICM agent and now manager Brian Sher (his company is called Category 5) would be leaving that tenpercentery. The latest are Edwin Cannistraci and Frederick Seton, the writers of Pierre Pierre which has Jim Carrey attached and Jason Reitman directing. The duo just fired ICM and have parked themselves with Sher indefinitely.