Not that I expect both sides to break through the current stalemate on a contract anytime soon, still the AMPTP and SAG will keep bargaining on a day-to-day basis through at least May 6th. Meanwhile, acting at their request, AFTRA just announced it will keep waiting offstage to begin its bargaining with the Hollywood CEOs clique until May 7th. Hey, AFTRA’s always ready to make any lousy deal it can. (See my previous, Media Moguls Nix SAG Demands; Hollywood In De Facto Features Strike.)

Later in the day, SAG announced it reached an agreement with producers of non-broadcast, educational and industrial material Wednesday for an 18-month extension to the 2005 Producers-Screen Actors Guild Codified Industrial and Educational Contract. This contract covers performers rendering on-camera and voiceover services in sales programs, educational and training videos, informational and promotional messages heard over the telephone or in stores, and other projects that are exhibited outside of the traditional broadcast arena. The deal includes a 3% general rate increase and a .5% increase in the contribution rates into the union’s Pension and Health fund, equaling the Commercials contract rate of 14.8%. The 18-month extended pact becomes effective May 1, 2008, when the current contract expires, and remains effective until October 31, 2009.