EXCLUSIVE: David Kramer, a 16-year veteran who started in the mailroom, and Tracey Jacobs, a 10-year veteran who came over after a long career at ICM, have been promoted to members of United Talent’s governing board of directors. Agency head Jim Berkus is telling the tenpercentery about it right now. Both agents were in play, with Endeavor courting Jacobs hard, and CAA’s Richard Lovett calling Kramer twice a day.

Jacobs especially was hamstrung: she can’t leave UTA without also leaving a shitload of money behind her. Because in addition to Johnny Depp, she has two big TV stars that are integrally involved in UTA television packages: William Petersen in CSI and Vincent D’Onofrio in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman, and directors Lasse Hallstrom, Greg Mottola, Mike White. With these golden handcuffs on her wrists, no agency wants to write that huge check to free her. Kramer reps John August, Charlie Kaufman, Jonathan Dayton & Valeria Faris, Michael Goldenberg, Curtis Hanson, Ehren Krueger, Harold Ramis, Ken Kwapis, Robin Swicord, Pam Brady, David Self, David Diamond & David Weissman. Kramer has also been a point man for Judd Apatow who has not yet decided on his agency future. (See my previous, Apatow Says He’s Still At UTA For Now.)

Today’s moves follow the recent shake-up within UTA after the agency rumbled with board member and co-owner Nick Stevens as well as two talent agent/partners Lisa Hallerman and Sharon Sheinwold over their management styles. The trio, as well as UTA’s TV packagiing agent/partner Marc Korman, defected to Endeavor. I hear there is still no deal struck on the financial fallout between UTA and Endeavor over Stevens, Hallerman and Sheinwold after many, many attempts. Enough is enough: now that all its ducks are neatly in a row again, UTA needs to just agree to a settlement and be done with it. UPDATE: UTA now claims there is a deal set. I’ll believe when I see it.