kimmelabc.jpgBack in January during the writers strike, Jimmy Kimmel made news when he went from host of his own show to guest on Jay Leno, and vice versa. Now Kimmel will be sitting with David Letterman this coming Monday (but I don’t think Dave will return the favor anytime soon). I’m told it’s rare for the Los Angeles-based ABC talk show host to get to NYC, so that’s why Jimmy is making the rounds: May 12th guesting first on Good Morning America, and then appearing on Howard Stern, before filling in for Regis Philbin. It all leads up to May 13th when Kimmel will do his annual send-up at the ABC upfront. So, with all this talk about Leno possibly moving to ABC (and, of course, Fox), I have to wonder: Does ABC realize what it’s already got in Kimmel? Especially factoring in how he and girlfriend Sarah Silverman are definitely the “it” couple media-wise right now.