SUNDAY AM UPDATE: The helmer’s flack just emailed me to say that “Rob Marshall was concerned about your report that his departure from ICM had anything to do with Harvey Weinstein. Here is what Rob has to say, personally, about his decision to change agencies.” Hey, I went with what my excellent sources told me he said at the time in terms of Harvey Weinstein. After all, poor Rob has to work with Harv again. But because I love revisionist history, I’m happy to update with his statement:

“I’d like to take this moment to clarify personally the situation behind my move to CAA. It was a very difficult and thoughtful decision I made — one that I did not take lightly. My time at ICM has been incredibly rewarding and my partnership with Doug MacLaren was nothing but positive. He is an extraordinary agent and friend. I made the decision for a variety of professional reasons, none of which have to do with Harvey Weinstein. I am thrilled to report that everything on my film Nine is moving forward with great momentum. Daniel Day Lewis’ deal was closed last week and we are on schedule to begin rehearsals in London on July 28 with shooting to commence September 29.”

PREVIOUS: From what I’m told, Harvey Weinstein was the cause. Because Rob Marshall, the Oscar-nominated helmer of the Academy Award-winning musical Chicago for the old Miramax (and the old Harvey), was sick and tired of waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for the The Weinstein Co to move forward on Nine, which stars Daniel Day-Lewis (only just locked in) and which Marshall is producing and directing. Before leaving for CAA, Marshall had been repped by ICM’s motion picture lit bigwig Doug MacLaren who’d been tearing his hair out over Nine‘s standstill for seemingly eons.