naegle.jpgMy latest information is that HBO may make an announcement as soon as tomorrow that it’s hired United Talent partner and veteran TV lit agent Sue Naegle in the job of president of HBO Entertainment. She replaces Carolyn Strauss who exited with a production deal. Naegle’s big clients include Alan Ball, Jhoni Marchinko, Jenny Bicks. She’s the one that HBO boss Richard Plepler really wanted to hire based on a lot of Hollywood recommendations (including, I hear, Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel. Was this another move by that agency on UTA?) All week, UTA had been asking Naegle whether the rumors were true she was in contention for the gig. And she kept claiming that she hadn’t been given an offer yet. Plepler and Naegle met Saturday and clinched the deal then, from what I heard. (See my previous: HBO Going After UTA’s Sue Naegle)