EXCLUSIVE: I’ve confirmed what my sources told me this afternoon: that Robert De Niro has left CAA. The word is that he was dissatisfied with how CAA had serviced his production companies in film, television, etc. But I’m still trying to confirm the second part of what my sources told me: that De Niro is going to Endeavor. The very idea of him leaving CAA, where he’s been a client for such a long long time, is astonishing. I remember when Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane and Richard Lovett made it a top priority as soon as they took over CAA in 1995 to do everything they could to keep De Niro since he was tied so closely to departing Michael Ovitz. And let’s face it, “Bobby” had a fabulous career before then and since then. (Albeit more as a comic actor than a dramatic one.) Then again, this is the week for shit to happen to Hollywood agencies.