The Screen Actors Guild and the AMPTP talks continue. But SAG is wisely following the WGA playbook and pushing ahead with its month-old program helping indie moviemakers to weather a strike, if there is one, as long as they don’t have financing or distribution deals with any AMPTP-represented studio or company. Now SAG is about to announce that it has reached “nearly 100” separate indie deals. Back in March, the union made available so-called Guaranteed Completion Contracts (GCC) which, like the interim deals done during the WGA strike, call on producers to abide by the terms of any interim contract that SAG may offer and to become signatory to the final negotiated contract with the AMPTP. Again, like the WGA deals, these contracts are offered at the actors guild’s discretion. SAG’s aim with so many deals is to help indie prods keep going, show that its contract terms are reasonable, keep actors working, and — in my opinion — piss off the Hollywood CEOs who still could be struck.