UPDATE: He was repped there for movies and TV. But ICM does his tours and personal appearances, and Chris Rock is headed there signing in all areas to consolidate all his business. (For motion picture stuff, his agent is Eddy Yablans. So forget lining up with coffee and donuts at the Roybal federal building where Chris is testifying tomorrow at 8 AM in the Pellicano wiretapping trial.] ICM also just signed Paul Verhoven. However, the agency just lost Hitch hot comedy writer Kevin Bisch as well as T.I. (The rapper’s growing film career, that memorable role in American Gangster and as the star of ATL, culminated in an in-the-works 3-picture deal at Screen Gems. But T.I. just got sentenced to a year in prison and 1,500 hours of community service for numerous federal weapons charges.) Both men were clients of ex-ICM agent and now manager Brian Sher of Category 5. ICM denies the rumors that Sher may soon be pulling more of his clients from the agency. I say, it’s gonna happen.