The comic looks rather unhappy arriving outside the Roybal federal building surrounded by feds, lawyers and a bodyguard to testify at the Pellicano trial this AM. (All photos by Jim Stevenson for DHD.) Story is below…


And even more unhappy leaving when a small swarm of paparazzi descended.


Rock’s testimony at the Pellicano trial began at 8:04 AM and finished 13 minutes later. It was uneventful. Looking nervous and somber “as if he were going to his own execution”, according to a spectator, Rock was sworn in and said his name so softly that U.S. District Court Judge Dale Fischer admonished him to speak up. “Mr Rock, project.”

trial-chris-rock-leaving.jpgThe comic didn’t smile during any of his time on the witness stand. The federal prosecutor asked him to look at a printout from law enforcement databases and confirm the name was that of the model who in 1999 claimed Rock was the father of her child. “I guess so,” Rock said. Cross-examined by Chad Hummel, the attorney for LAPD Sgt Mark Arneson, who’s accused of making illegal government database investigations for Pellicano on behalf of the P.I.’s clients, Rock was clearly irritated to have to answer any questions. “Mr. Rock, have you ever met my client?” Hummel asked.

“I’ve met a lot of people,” Rock shot back.

Asked if he believed the model’s claim was false that he was the father of her baby, Rock made clear: “First of all, I don’t believe the claim was false. The DNA test proved the claim was false.”

Queried about how he learned that the model had filed an assault claim against him, Rock spit out, very slowly, “I received word from Mr. Pellicano.” Rock testified that he himself never saw the actual police report but Pellicano had referenced it during a phone call.(After Rock left the packed courtroom, the feds played a one-minute excerpt of a conversation between the comedian and Pellicano in which the P.I. read from a police report filed by the model against Rock.)

Towards the end of the cross-examination, Hummel asked the comic, “You believe you didn’t do anything wrong?”

To which Rock replied, “Do you believe I did anything wrong?” After a blink-and-you-missed-it re-direct by the prosecutor, Rock was outta there.

In other Pellicano news, Judge Fischer has told the jury to disregard hedge fund manager Adam Sender’s explosive testimony under immunity claiming Pellicano offered to kill quasi-movie producer Aaron Russo. Hummel argued that Sender’s claim was prejudicial to his client and other defendants since none are charged with murder.