time_100_cover.jpgSATURDAY AM UPDATE: It’s getting to be quite a horse race as the “Time 100″ finalists move up in the rankings race minute by minute. This hour, I’m still behind that wannabe, the Dalai Lama. Vote by moving the meter towards 100 and then clicking on “SUBMIT”. Keep refreshing and keep voting..

FRIDAY AM: I’m honored and a little verklempt today to see that I’m included among “The 2008 Time 100 Finalists” whose names just went up on the magazine’s website. So apparently the way this works is that you have to vote for me. OK, my campaign begins right now. Let’s see if I can make it from the 207 finalists into the actual “Time 100″. Understand, I’ve got pretty stiff competition: popes, kings, princes, heads of state, CEOs, rappers, superstar actors, politicians, Internet billionaires, as well as Judd Apatow and Rupert Murdoch and Patric Verrone. But do any of them give you the daily lowdown on the real business of Hollywood (or call Jeff Zucker a putz and Bob Shaye a prick)? Nah!

Here’s what Time has to say about me:
PRO: Her well-sourced “Deadline Hollywood Daily” blog became the unofficial switchboard of the writer’s strike: even the negotiators were reading it. And she may be the first industry blogger to get a shout-out on Letterman.
CON: Her blatantly pro-writer stance raised the perennial question about blogs: is “Deadline” journalism or advocacy?

And that’s before Time has seen my next posts about SAG vs The Moguls. Remember, I’m counting on you to go to the polls: vote early and vote often.