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April 2008 Archive

TOLDJA! Media Moguls Nix SAG Demands; Hollywood In De Facto Features Strike

I told you this would happen, and now it has: the Alliance for Motion Picture and Television Producers representing the Big Media moguls finally acknowledged today that after 13 days the negotiations with SAG are at a stalemate with only 2 days left go. And, as I predicted, the AMPTP is blaming everything on the Screen Actors Guild. I can’t help but admire how faithfully the Hollywood CEOs follow the scripts they write. Especially at a time when the movie studios have put… Read

UPDATE: “TV Guide Getting Gutted Today”

(I’ve woven in more info…) Add TV Guide to the long list of publications undergoing massive downsizing. It’s yet another sign of the shifting fortunes of TV in general along with the downsizing in network pilots and upfronts etc. An insider tells me that editor Ian Birch and the two managing editors Lois Draegin and Steve Sonksy and several others, including the marketing department, got the word this morning they’d be exiting. I heard that Birch, an editor at Heat (that… Read

Pellicano Trial Update: Closing Arguments

So the trial that would not end is finally ending with closing arguments. Not much of a Hollywood angle to report, except for the lawyer for LAPD Sgt Mark Arneson, who is accused of doing all those illegal law enforcement database investigations.  I’ve been reading the coverage – anxiously awaiting the verdict on this end! “It makes no sense that Mr. Ovitz a pillar of the Hollywood community would hire Mr. Pellicano to put a fish on a car of a reporter. If he had a… Read

Tim Russert Blackballing Arianna At NBC?

UPDATE: Sources close to Arianna Huffington are claiming just that. Arianna Huffington is currently on book tour for her new political tome Right Is Wrong: How The Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded The Constitution, And Made Us All Less Safe, in which she goes after Tim Russert (and justifiably so). She’s booked all over CNN, ABC, and CBS (but not Fox News Channel because she chose not to go on there). And NBC? Well, one insider says she was booked on Keith Olber… Read

GTA IV: Is The Game Really That Good?

It’s certainly in demand: tonight, before Rockstar’s creation hits store shelves, a few UPS workers were fired for stealing pre-ordered copies of Grand Theft Auto IV. There’s no doubt it’s going to set a new sales record for entertainment product starting tomorrow — perhaps $400 mil and 6 mil copies because it plays on both Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as well as Sony’s Playstation 3, way beyond the previous record-holder Halo 3. In fact U.S. retail sales of video games jumped… Read

THR Rearranges Deck Chairs On Titanic

So if you’re one of the 10 readers of The Hollywood Reporter left in this town, then you may have noticed today’s rebrand. Yes, it looks cleaner and sharper. But ultimately it’s what’s inside the trade paper that counts. “It all has a fresh-coat-of-paint-on-the-Titanic vibe to me,” one THR source tells me. “I think the money could have been far better spent keeping bodies in the building that are now sorely, desperately needed.” Insiders tell me that today’s… Read

CAA's Top 3 NFL Draftees Go #1, #3, #6

After 2 straight years of lousy drafts for its NFL-headed clients since its 2006 inception, costly CAA Sports finally found that the 3rd time was the charm. Let’s not forget that, under the 2-year-old division head Tom Condon’s guidance, primo NFL prospects Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart plummeted to No. 22 in 2007 and No. 10 in 2006 respectively, losing many millions of dollars as a result. (Lucky for Quinn, he’d already signed a bunch of endorsement contracts. Not… Read