There’s still more unpleasantness between AFTRA and SAG: yesterday an ultimatum went out from AFTRA national president Roberta Reardon to her counterpart at SAG, national president Alan Rosenberg. She’s demanding to know by March 10th if SAG is prepared to proceed with contract negotiations by March 31st. And she indicates that AFTRA will move forward whether or not SAG is ready. sag.bmpAgain, I must say that this fractiousness just plays into the hands of the Hollywood CEOs, whether it’s Triple-A list actors vs SAG leadership, petition drive actors vs SAG leadership, or AFTRA leadership vs SAG leadership. I do know that the moguls, convinced that SAG’s Rosenberg and national executive director Doug Allen plan to indulge in brinkmanship to get a better contract (so think the pair intend to wait as long as possible until they start negotiating), are immensely enjoying all the inside and outside pressure aimed at the union twosome.aftra-letter-5.JPG