bluhd.JPGBack about a month ago, I warned about complaints from all those poor saps who bought $99 Toshiba HD-DVD players at Christmas and now are stuck with the 2008 version of Sony’s old Betamax machines. Now Best Buy is following Curcuit City and others to offer these casualties of the format war a shoulder to cry on. Anyone who bought an HD-DVD player from Best Buy before February 23, 2008 will automatically receive, or can request, a complimentary $50 gift card for each player. Best Buy also announced it’s adding HD DVD players and media to its Trade-In Center program,, starting March 21st. In all, Best Buy plans to distribute more than $10 million in gift cards to HD-DVD customers around the country. “The DVD format war has divided our customers in a way we haven’t seen since Betamax took on VHS more than 20 years ago,” Brian Dunn, president/COO for Best Buy, said in the press release. “At Best Buy, we understood and shared our customers’ frustrations as they were being asked to choose one format or the other. Now that the format war is over, we hope these gift cards will reassure our customers that we will help them make a smooth transition into the right technology for their needs.”