In response to AFTRA chair of the steering committee Matt Kimbrough’s claim that the joint resolution with SAG was “erroneous” (but admitted approving it), SAG national president Alan Rosenberg released this statement today:

“On a daily basis for the last six weeks, members of the Hollywood SAG-AFTRA Wages and Working Conditions Committee have worked diligently and with great solidarity, to prepare proposals for the upcoming TV/Theatrical contract negotiation. Screen Actors Guild facilitated making public a statement unanimously adopted by that committee on Friday, at its request. The Committee is made up of dozens of SAG and AFTRA members, is chaired by both unions, and represents the interests of 75,000 actors.

“The statement is that of the joint committee, as adopted, without editorial comment from SAG. The resolution was unanimously adopted at a meeting co-chaired by Matt Kimbrough with his support. The language of the resolution was shared with senior staff of both unions and was adopted without objection from either union’s staff.

“It is perplexing that an AFTRA national officer would repudiate a statement of unity, support for the process of working together and confidence in the leadership of both unions. It is up to Matt Kimbrough to explain why he has repudiated the work of his own members engaged in the process of preparing for negotiation.”