When the U.S. Attorney’s Office released a Pellicano trial memo that didn’t accuse them of any wrongdoing, several Hollywood names immediately contacted the feds about whether they will still have to testify against the P.I. at al. And I’m told the answer is yes. That means they’ll be on tenterhooks for the full 8-to-10 weeks total time that the trial is expected to last, including the feds’ case, the defense case and any government rebuttal.

I’ve been asked to provide particulars concerning the behind-the-scenes of the trial. Two benches in the courtroom at the Roybal Building have been reserved for the media. Those benches will accommodate approximately 14 people. Media seats will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. One bench has been reserved for the general public. There’ll also be an “overflow” courtroom provided with audio from the trial. No cell phones will be allowed into the courtroom. There is no press room in the Roybal Building.