UPDATE: Garry Shandling’s Washington DC lawyer David Boies who represented the comedian in his lawsuit against Brad Grey responded today to Bert Fields’ statement which I posted yesterday. Boies told Allison Hope Weiner at The Huffington Post that Mr. Fields’ comment “misstates what the settlement provides”:

“Let me put it this way, the primary object of the lawsuit was to recover the share in Gary Shandling’s shows that Brad Grey held and which Shandling claimed had been improperly misappropriated. That objective was achieved by the settlement. The money that Mr. Fields refers to — $4 million — was in addition to the other more important elements of the settlement. One of things that makes Bert a popular lawyer, he’s very aggressive on asserting things on behalf of his clients and attacking their opponents.

“Gary Shandling did not bring the indictment against Mr. Pellicano. He did not bring that lawsuit. He did not volunteer to testify at it and he testified under oath. Everything he said in the testimony was accurate and supported by the evidence. Mr. Shandling did not select the questions that he answered. He merely responded truthfully to questions that were asked. I think it is regrettable that the dispute between between Mr. Shandling and Mr. Grey which we all hoped had been resolved continues to be the subject of public comment. I know that Gary Shandling would rather be being funny than testifying in court or responding to ill-considered attacks.”

pellicano1.gifPrevious: Garry Shandling’s ex-girlfriend Linda Doucett (Darlene from The Larry Sanders Show) didn’t take the witness stand at the Pellicano trial today. It may happen late Wednesday or Thursday. (The court won’t be in session for Good Friday.)

Paramount boss Brad Grey was mentioned during testimony again: Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano’s assistant Lily LeMasters stated that “Brad Grey came into the office a couple of times.” As I reported back in 2006, the location of the old Brillstein Co, the forerunner to the Brillstein Grey’s management and production firm (and where Grey was mentored from 1986 until 1991, when he became a 50-50 name partner) was just two doors down the hallway from Pellicano’s office in the same 9200 Sunset Boulevard building. Brillstein later took over Pellicano’s space in an expansion.

trial-logo-smaller.jpgAfter court today, Assistant U.S. Attorneys Daniel Saunders and Kevin Lally complained about a violation of the judge’s gag order because of freelance writer Allison Hope Weiner’s posting of the Chris Rock-Anthony Pellicano phone call transcript on The Huffington Post. In the process, the feds may have outed a reporter’s sources. Saunders claimed this transcript had come Weiner’s way via the defense’s discovery evidence during the grand jury hearings when she was covering the case for The New York Times. “Well , what do you want me to do?” U.S. District Court judge Dale Fischer asked rhetorically. Lally just shrugged and sat down.

(My thanks to LA Weekly‘s Steven Mikulan who’s covering the trial for DHD.)