2ND UPDATE: Brad Grey May Testify Thursday…

trial-doucett.jpgUPDATE: Garry Shandling’s ex-girlfriend Linda Doucett, who has told the press she was victimized by Anthony Pellicano, left the Roybal federal building today after briefly taking the witness stand. (Photo by Jim Stevenson). Doucett’s testimony today was not particularly Hollywood-centric. The former actress (who played Hank Kingsley’s secretary Darlene on The Larry Sanders Show) said she received a threatening phone call within weeks of her first meeting with FBI agent Stan Ornellas in November 2003 about then imprisoned Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano. Spectators said her voice cracked as she testified that an anonymous caller telephoned her house, asked if she was Linda Doucett, and then said that if she talked to her “friend Stan” then she wouldn’t be seeing her son anymore. Doucett then phoned her one-time boyfriend, former HBO chairman and one-time Warner Music Chairman Michael Fuchs, who urged her to tell the FBI.

trial-pellicano-shirt.jpgDuring Pellicano’s cross-examination, he asked Doucett how the threatening phone call could be linked to himself. “You’re the only bad guy I know,” she replied. Later, one of the co-defendant’s lawyers got Doucett to admit there might be other bad guys in her life.  Doucett also testified that now she didn’t recall telling the FBI that Brad Grey had ever “threatened to ruin” her. Later, during more cross-examination, Pellicano asked Doucett how she could link her testimony in the Shandling vs Grey lawsuit of 1999 with what happened to her threat-wise in 2003. Doucett said that, in 2003, both the FBI and the media had been questioning her about the events of 1999 so that was the link.

Tomorrow, the feds may call screenwriter Bo Zenga’s attorney, who pressed that Scary Movie lawsuit against Brad Grey whose litigator was Bert Fields.

trial-logo-smaller.jpgPrevious: The wife of billionaire financier husband Leonard Green testified that when she sued him for divorce in 2000, he hired Bert Fields to file a civil suit against her for $25 million for “economic interference in his business.” Jude Green claimed that her then civil suit attorney Stephen Kolodny told her in 2001, “I better watch my back because Anthony Pellicano is on the case and following me.” The prosecution produced as evidence a $25,000 check Leonard Green wrote to Pellicano on March 22nd, 2001. Jude claimed that afterwards she received a threatening phone call. She also accused Pellicano of trying to intimidate her by blocking her car and following her into a Peet’s coffee as she ran errands.