wb-new-line-logo.JPGI’m told that in meetings last week which Time Warner boss Jeff Bewkes had with rank-and-file New Line Cinema employees, he promised that New Line’s severance for them would be “at least” what had been paid by that studio in the past. But New Liners received the criteria today, according to sources, and saw it is “far less” for longtime employees of the studio than for those who had been cut in the past. As it was explained to me, bewkes-small.jpg“Staff is getting the same as the laid-off staff at TW HQ in New York, which is more than New Line has historically done. Good for TW. However, even those who are not VPs who have been at New Line more than 17 years have a cap on their severance pay. And those who are VPs are getting less per year than historically given at New Line.” If Bewkes did break a promise, that sucks. A Warner’s source put it this way: “It may be far less than what they got in the past, but it’s in line with the same severance package that people at Time Warner received recently when they laid off 100 people at HQ. But I dont know what Bewkes really said in that meeting.”

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