doucett-just-her.jpgInstead of today, not-quite-an-actress Linda Doucett takes the witness stand of the ongoing Pellicano trial on Tuesday March 18th. On the The Larry Sanders Show, she played the busty blonde role of Darlene Chapinni, secretary to sidekick Hank “Hey Now!” Kingsley. She was also Shandling’s then real-life fiance. Doucett was fired when they broke up, and she filed two lawsuits against him, Brad Grey and the show. You may recall that Doucett made all sorts of accusations against Brad Grey in a 2006 article in The New York Times. But the feds have not charged the Paramount boss, who was then a bigtime manager and producer, with any wrongdoing.

chris-rock.jpgMeanwhile, Allison Hope Weiner, the lawyer-journalist who’s covering the Pellicano trial for The Huffington Post, has obtained the audio of a rather sordid 2001 late night telephone call between Chris Rock and then Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano. I mention this only because Rock says on the tape that getting caught “with needles in my arm shooting heroin” would be a “much better blow to the career” because “once you’re accused of rape, you’re just FUCKED.” Listen here if you must.

And LA Weekly‘s Steven Mikulan, who has been covering the Pellicano trial for the newspaper as well as DHD, has filed his weekly wrap-up here about how comic Shandling kept a straight face during his testimony.