Regarding the entertainment industry negotiations, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued the following statement today:

“The recent work stoppage within the entertainment industry cost the Los Angeles economy $2.5 billion and caused personal hardship for thousands of Angelenos. As the national economy continues to weaken, there is little doubt that another work stoppage within the industry would have devastating economic effects. During the past week, I have been in communication with SAG, AFTRA, IATSE and studio representatives. I have listened carefully and asked all parties to get to the bargaining table immediately to engage in meaningful negotiations. I urge all involved to get the deals done expeditiously. We must keep this town working, and avoid devastating effects on the workers, businesses, residents and economy of this great City.”

AFTRA released this statement:

“AFTRA has long favored starting negotiations for the primetime TV contract as soon as possible, and we appreciate the Mayor’s support.”

The AMPTP responded soon after:

“We have always wanted to begin negotiations as soon as possible, and we remain committed to starting negotiations immediately. Actors and  producers alike have an obligation to work as hard as we can, as soon as we can, to prevent another unnecessary, harmful strike.”

So that means Big media CEOs are cutting Nick Counter out of the process, right?