apple-itunes-offer.jpgApple this week has apologized to its iTunes Store Season Pass purchasers whose series subscriptions were affected by the recent WGA strike and offered them download credits. Now, if only the studio and network CEOs would apologize to TV fans for unnecessarily prolonging the labor action by not getting involved in the negotiations sooner. Here’s the e-mail:

“As you may have heard, the Writers Guild of America, the union representing TV and movie writers, has settled its strike and its members have returned to work. Because of the strike your season pass … may have fewer episodes than were scheduled by the network at the time of your purchase.

“We will make all additional episodes which are broadcast during the 2007-08 season available to you as we receive them. If the season does end up with fewer episodes, you will receive a partial refund to make up for the difference.

“For now, I have granted … free video credits to your account which you can use to purchase any TV episodes, music videos, or short films on the iTunes Store… I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for being an iTunes customer.”