Writers Theatre LA presents “On The Page, On The Stage” all this weekend, a festival of staged readings written by WGAW Writers to benefit the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund. wga.bmpI’d say that of special showbiz interest at LA’s Lyric Theatre today is Howard A. Rodman’s How the Writers Strike Ended, described as “a savage, and savagely funny, look inside the moguls’ executive dining room, where food is made, decisions are eaten”. (Rodman is directing a cast comprised of Keith Carradine, Ralph Waite, and Jon Abrahams for this first and perhaps last public performance). As well as Howard Michael Gould’s Diva, a play in two acts that “looks behind the scenes of a tempestuous hit television series”. Other participating writers at the Lyric Theater event include Ellen Sandler (today), Stephanie Liss (today and Sunday), Nancy De Los Santos (today), Lynn Roth (Sunday), and Jennifer Maisel (March 31st). Here’s more info: